Friday, August 1, 2008

Arrived in China

This is a first for me....actually, two firsts. Blogging and traveling to China.

The trip was extremely uneventful, which I would say is a good thing. The flight departed Chicago exactly as expected....and lasted just as long. Although I didn't expect the route over the top of the world. We flew directly over the North Pole, across Siberia and then into China. Pretty cool route, I thought.

Beijing has really poured a lot of resources into the Olympics. That is obvious the minute you get off the plane into the brand new Terminal at the airport, all the way through the city of Beijing, where the only advertisements are for the Olympics. The Olympic brand is everywhere throughout the city, from the largest banner on the side of the buildings (think the Mutual of Omaha swimming banner, but more Olympic based) to the garbage can lids throughout the city.

Having just arrived in Beijing, I haven't seen much yet. Forbidden City, the Great Wall and the Chinese markets are all on the docket for the weekend.
But first on the docket is sleep. I've been up pretty much two days straight, hoping to thwart the jet lag issue. We'll see if it works!


V's Thoughts said...

Hey Kug's,
Did the Nintendo DS battery last the entire flight?

Chris on a Cell

Kevin Kugler said...

It is a PSP....and yes, it held up for the whole trip. I'm now about halfway through the first season on NCAA '09!

I played for probably about 6 of the 14 hours on the flight.