Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Bad air day in Beijing

I've not been one to complain about the air here in Beijing. Heck, when I arrived on Friday, the air was great. Sky was blue, air was clear, and the story was the same through most of the weekend.

Not the case today, however. Just a low, grey haze hanging over the city and seemingly clinging to every part of your body as you walk through the streets. For the first time today, I could actually smell the air....a pungent odor that just wafts over you as you wind through the crowded streets of Beijing. Definitely not something I'd want to be competing in as a world class athlete.

We ventured out today to the largest electronics store I have ever seen. 14 floors packed with everything from laptops to wireless internet cards. You want it? They probably have it in this 14 story market. Strangely, laptops in China are pricier than in the states. Most of the consumer goods, it seems, are cheaper here, but laptops that normally cost 1500 in the states can run upwards of 3000 USD here.

Consider this blog, though, a plea. If there's one thing we NEED in the Omaha/Lincoln area, it's a 14 story electronics superstore. Who will be the brave Nebraskan to step up and provide our state with a necessity like that?

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