Saturday, August 2, 2008

They like their rice in China

I have now been in Beijing for about 24 hours. I've also eaten more rice in the last 24 hours then in about the last 2 months before I arrived in China.

Friday night for dinner....rice with chicken. Saturday afternoon at lunch, rice with spicy pork. Large bowls, too. Not so much of the small portion of rice that I might have at home.

Saturday is bright, sunny and blazing hot in Beijing, much like the forecast for Saturday back home. We spent the morning touring one of the many markets in Beijing. Very interesting. Apparently, I'm all about scoping out the American stuff that has made it's way over to Beijing. These I found on display at the market:

If you can't see the picture, it's a collection of the old cartoon character cups from the States....let me know if you want me to pick some up, and for a price, I'll run back and grab them.

Then, right before lunch, we stopped by the grocery store. Awesome! I could have spent an hour there, just wandering around. For those that want a taste of home, you can find it here, for a price:

The smallest box of "Frosties" translates to about $2.70 American, which is a better deal than some of the imports. But for the most part, the dollar goes a long way here in Beijing. The can of Coke Zero I'm drinking as I type this set me back .27!

No more shopping for today. We'll visit the Temple of Heaven here in a little while. The Great Wall is on schedule for tomorrow, as well as checking into the media village to begin the official Olympic part of the trip. I'm still going to squeeze in a trip through the Forbidden City before the trip ends in a few weeks.

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V's Thoughts said...

We had someone bring some Will games back from our China office and they do not work, so do not be tempted to buy them even with their cheap price. You going to make it to the Forbidden City?