Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Random notes from a Beijing Bus

Nee How from Beijing and the 4th bus ride of my Tuesday.....that's how we make our way around the Olympics, one bus to another, one venue to another. Currently, on the way to basketball from softball from the IBC from the Media Village. It's strange but today is really a normal day....as normal as one can get in Beijing. No earth shattering stories in Beijing. Michael Phelps won gold again. Not a surprise. Team USA softball won a game 11-0. Not a surprise. The US hasn't even played Angola yet in basketball, yet I'm confident enough to call that one a win already. Not a surprise. So without a big story at the Olympics, a few random thoughts for the blog....

*I'm old enough to remember friendship bracelets. One of those little things you remember about your youth. For those that don't remember them, they were this little woven bracelets that you traded among friends....little multi colored bracelets were flying all over the school in my elementary school days. Well, we've got our own version of friendship bracelets at the Olympics, but instead of bracelets, it's pins. I'm slow to the collection, but picked up three new pins today....they are like gold here, and the Chinese workers seem especially excited about pins.

*I was quite concerned that I would be eating strange things at the Olympics in China, but so far, so good. No food issues at all, and I'm almost halfway home. And the other thing I'm particularly proud of is no McDonald's yet.

*Someone with more experience than me in Chinese culture is going to have to help me out here, but one thing I've noticed in and around Beijing is the babies. They don't wear diapers when they get to around 9 months or so. Just nothing under there. Most of them have clothes that are split right down the backside. I've seen more bare behinds in the last 2 weeks than I've seen since my girls were in diapers. My question is this....when they go, and there's nothing to stop it, what do you do? Like I said, someone with more Chinese experience is going to have to help me here.

*My clothes are still drying, I hope, after this morning's debacle with the Chinese language washing machines. Would have been helpful, I suppose, to understand the written Chinese but I thought I had it figured out. Two hours later, clothes not even close to dry, but very wrinkled, I headed to work. Good times. For more information on this washing machine experience, check out the podcast at 1620thezone.com.

*Speaking of 1620 The Zone, I'd like to offer my congratulations and thanks to Mike'l Severe, Scoop our producer, Neil Nelkin and everyone involved with Unsportsmanlike Conduct, our little radio show in Omaha. Spring ratings came out last week, and while I'm not going to go into any details, nor will you hear us talk about it on the air, or send letters to any trade publications, let's just say we're very pleased and very grateful that people actually want to listen to our ramblings. Thank you. Fall is here, that means football, and that's our wheelhouse, so we'll keep up our end of the bargain.

*I'm going to owe Mike'l a steak or two after this Beijing experience, but I'm awfully fortunate to have a co-host who can handle as much as he does. Plus all the folks who have been kind enough to lend their time to the show, like Damon Benning, Matt Schick, John Talman, Joel Makovicka, and whomever else Mike'l has roped into doing this. Thanks to all of you as well.

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